Young bride shocks everyone by walking out of her wedding after apologizing to her dad.

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Matters of the heart are always delicate to handle. In a video circulating on social media a bride is seen to have suddenly decided not to go on with the marriage after taking a couple of steps on the aisle.

The groom, both families of the couple and friends present were all left in shock after the incident. In the video, the bride astonishingly stops when she got to her dad while walking on aisle and after a moment of whispers she knelt before him and then left the grounds.

As if to apologize to her father for doing what she was about to, the bride then left leaving all others present dumbfounded. It is still unknown why she decided to cancel her wedding in such a heartbreaking manner.

Well, this goes on to emphasize the fact that, the choice to settle down with a partner for life, is no easy task.

Watch the video below;

Video credit: @tundeednut

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