WOMEN OF ARTS (#WOA): Time With Author/ Poet Nancy Ndeke, Kenya

Written by The Haymaker

Welcome to the very first episode of our exciting new weekly project known as the WOMEN OF ARTS (#WOA) proudly brought to you by
A special initiative to learn about the journey of women in the arts space across Africa and for our edition, we bring to you exclusive interview with renowned author, novelist, poet from Kenya. Enjoy…

Pleased to have you on the “Women of Arts” weekly feature on Before we start talking extensively, can you kindly tell who you are? I mean your real name, stage name relative to what you do, and what you do as an art in details?

I am a kenyan poet and author with several publications on amazon, as well as one book that was published in Kenya this year. I have authored several novels also published by amazon. One more is under edit here in Nairobi and should be out by end of the year. My writing mainly focuses on nature and the natural order of life. I am a champion of any under dog in any society. From children, environment, women and old people. Let’s just say the marginalized.

When did it all begin for you, and how did it start?

I began writing from as early as in my teenage years, but then my field was plays. Being an avid reader, the world of social injustice was introduced early.

How has the journey been so far?

Writing is a continuous preoccupation for me. I have more unpublished works than published works, and still continuing.

What impact has/is your work had/having on society?

I belong to various global and continental poetry groups and I believe my works is appreciated out there. Back here in Kenya, I am working with gifted children who have love for writing by encouraging them and editing their works. By end of this year, a book from these youths should be published. It’s an anthology of poetry.

What is the current state of the arts industry from your perspective as an Author?

I won’t say it is a grown venture. It is still in the growing phase, probably, from the lenses through which I am viewing it. Slowly we shall get there. More powder to the elbows of every artist.

Are women appreciated in our arts space? Comment extensively if possible on?the state of women in arts?

Women artists have to work real hard for recognition. However, unlike in the past, right now there are individuals and organizations that are rooting for women artists’ voices to be heard. One example is Mbizo Chirasha, a Zimbabwen poet who is putting women’s’ work out there in the world for much needed exposure. I am a beneficiary of this.
Women have much to say about social issues, love and it’s myriad attentions as well serving as role models for upcoming artists since their natural inclination as nurturers tend to favor building support for others.
Naturally too, women are artists; from music, to teaching, to entertaining. Support of women translates to supporting everyone else.

Looking back, do you regret ever embarking on this journey?

I have absolutely no regret about being a writer or poet. I just have to work harder to support me to support my work.

Any setbacks in your field of endeavor and how you think it can be overcome?

Every field in life has challenges. Writing too does. From poor sales of written works to late payments of accrued dues in terms of royalties. Or poor reception of the written works. All these are hurdles for a writer wishing to live off his/her writing. However, hard work pays eventually and since writing is about passion, one appreciates it all. Personally, I do other jobs to cater for my bills. That is how I overcome the financial struggle.

Is there any message you would like the general public to know about women in arts?

Women are generally resilient. Once they set their minds about doing something, no hurdle is too steep for them. Women artists are faithful to their passion!

Special thanks to our guest Nancy Ndeke, a poet, novelist and an author of many works for being part of this special initiative.
You can follow also follow her on Facebook and enjoy the numerous works she has out there, thank you for staying wit us.

To all “Women Of Arts” in the world, you deserve to be celebrated and your works will bring us to you.

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