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#WOA Ep 3: An Exclusive Trip To The World of Amazing Ghanaian Poet & Author, Akuvi Aguedze.

Written by The Haymaker

It goes without saying that Women of Arts are true gems that need to be protected. Its a brand new week and we bring to you another edition of #WOA.

This week, we are proud to have our first Ghanaian genius and soon, you will find out why she is a genius.

Fellas, you are in are in for an amazing session!!!

Let’s kindly start by telling us who you are? I mean your real name, stage name relative to what you do, and what you do as an art in details.

Okay, my real name is Senam Aku Biddah but I use Akuvi Aguedze as my pen and stage name. I’m an artist and I don’t mean that I’m into picture making as in drawing and painting people and places with paint and brushes, though I can do that if I wanted to.
I’m into making pictures with words and emotions as my tools. I’m more into poetry than prose.

When did it all begin for you, and how did it start?

Oh I’d say it all began when I was six years in class 1. I started with writing letters to my kindergarten teacher whom I admired and adored. My dad usually delivered the letters and she always wrote back, that was how it started.
It continued when I changed schools and then resorted to writing letters to my friends.
Then I had my very first crush in class six after I changed schools again. That’s where the poetry started. I never wrote poems about the guy though. It was mostly about how I felt and I’ve been writing poems ever since. However, I started sharing them about four years ago and I started performing them about three years ago.

How has the journey been so far?

It’s been a rollercoaster ride of fun, adventure, disappointments, fear of not being good enough and meeting lots of people and touching hearts. In summary it’s been awesome.

What impact has/is your work had/having on society?

To the society? I wouldn’t exactly know that unless you ask the society. That’s on the lighter note though! but, there’s been a couple of times… Eerrmm quite often rather, when people have sent me private messages or get my contact from someone and call to tell me how much a poem I performed spoke to them and encouraged them.
I often tell my friends that rather than perform poetry, I’d like to say that I’m ministering. Recently I performed a piece titled “Black Glows” at EHALAKASA Talk Party and someone called me, when I was on my way home and he sounded so emotional. He said; “Akuvi, your poem was about me and right now I feel encouraged knowing that I’m not alone”. I think that’s the answer to the question. Lol

What is the current state of the arts industry from your perspective as a/an ……….?

As an artist. Lol. Specifically as a poet, I’d say that the state of the arts industry is good. It’s promising and that’s hopeful.

Are women appreciated in our arts space? Comment extensively if possible on the state of women in arts.

Lol, I think that when it comes to art, I don’t see much of the gender imbalance. That’s not to say that it’s not there. I am probably the one who isn’t seeing it. Because I have a lot of poets and writers around me who’re women. But on second thoughts, stage wise, I’m not sure a lot of women are performing.
That doesn’t mean they aren’t being appreciated, we just need to encourage them more. I’d like mention a few women who are doing amazing. There’s Afia Native Girl, Fante Girl, MadaGhana, Dziedzorm, Poetra, Jo Nketiah and Ama Rose.

Looking back, do you regret ever embarking on this journey?

Heaven No!

Any setbacks in your field of endeavor and how you think it can be overcome?

Eerrmm… Hmm… Setbacks will have to do with the lack of media coverage about the various forms of arts. I think the media should pay some attention to poetry. I mean when it comes to the sports and entertainment segment of the news, nobody ever mentions poetry. Meanwhile there are a lot of ongoing poetry programs and writing in general.

Any other things you would like the general public to know about women in arts?

Women in arts? There are a lot of women in arts and we’re awesome!

That’s a wrap for this week’s edition of Women Of Arts, proudly brought to you by mchaymaker.com.

Please do well to follow her up on Facebook @Akuvi Aguedze and Instagram: @akuvi_thatewegirl to continue enjoying the amazing works she is putting out there. Also get yourself a copy of her new book, “The Reminder”.

The Reminder by Akuvi Aguedze

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