~~~~ WHICH WAY~~~


~~~~ WHICH WAY~~~~

Sometimes I just ask myself this question “Which
way are we really going?” With all these religious
pressures on should I say Salvation or
Miraclevation. Steering the lot to their quadrants
as they cause emotional wars as to who is
pulling them down and personal glory for
churches as they aim to amass themselves with
more people. I ask, Has the world gotten to this
stage where churches no employ marketing
If yes than Im sure it will be battling out with
business firms. Very funny cos we might see it as
a momentary something but let’s not forget that
even if momentary it will end with most of us
being led to the compounds of the devil himself.

At times I tend to blaim us the populace. Why
because our desperacy for magic or wonders has
led to the eruption of several “salvation centres”.
Or us it ignorance playing it cards on us?. Some
people may say its only the “illiterates” that fall
pray to these traps but I say point blank that
most “literates” who think the intake of green
vegetables is only for the deprived or the poor,
resorts to the abode of prayer camps to deliver
them from diabetes, hypertension, obesity etc
forgetting that their so called “living big” caused
them their health. So ask fellow Ghanaians How
do we call these people? “Educated Illiterates”?

Let not sit down and pretend as if every thing is
okay because its not. One may inquire “So what
then should we do”? The answer is YOU!!! all
these can not change if we do not change our
thirst for magic and to the churches, I ask this;
What us your relevance or true meaning if not to
lead us to salvation. So why then do you attack
each other on who’s way of worship is the best
and all those unhealthy acts you engage in. Or
have you forgotten that each lost soul in your
domain will be accounted for???

So I ask WHICH WAY???? I leave the ball to you to chose your way…

Your humble servant
Nanabayin Asaam

The Haymaker © 2015