What Makes Up An Excellent Idea?

Every now and then, we come across new ideas, either we are the ones developing them or someone else is doing so. Most often than not, we get lost in determining what really makes an idea good. Some say it just feels right because their instincts tell them so. However we cannot really rely on our guts when there are actually some key things to know and understand about an idea. Knowing what makes an idea good, will reduce the effects of doing so based on guts.

What happens net?

Perfect Reflection:

An idea should be a perfect or near perfect reflection of the current situation or the future. In developing new ideas, one must have in consideration the current standing of his or her environment, this will motivate you to make a reasonable estimation of where to get to in the future. An idea which is not a reflection of both current and future situations is like equivalent to making a wild guess.


An idea should be achievable or attainable. This means that it should be within a time period that is realistic and can guarantee the success of the idea. Strategically, an idea should not be exaggerated, as found in most cases. That makes it a good idea. A good idea is like making an order online, you do so because you know you have what it takes to get it.


It must be within your means where you can control, some great ideas shook the society because of how good they were managed. There should be a positive relationship between the resources of the individual or organization and the developed idea. This means that organization should have enough resources in executing the idea right from the beginning throughout its implementation till the latter. All possible outcomes should be prepared for.

Financially acceptable:

An idea should be within the financial limits of its conceiver. That makes it easy to be achieved. The implementation of an idea requires that money is being spent one way or the other. This is to say that for an idea to be good it should be within the financial limit of the organization or individual. It should not cost more than necessary from its development to implementation, control, and monitoring and review stages.

In Line with Ultimate Goal: An idea should not be out of line or outside the main objective of the individual or organization. There must be consistency or link between the two. Which means it is in sync with the main goal