Serving our thirsty throats, your priority,
Hosting the inauguration of mankind
A witness to the growth of humanity
Yeiding the yolk of freedom
An ally to our troops of victory
You have been a stalwart friend
The true home of nature
Ye carried the lifes of life
A playground of pure love
Great is thine nature

Oh ye men of solidarity
Ye have chased us from our own
Creating terror on the field oc peace
Weaponising the calm friend of ours
Spilling our viens to the gravelooters
We commend your works
For the devil welcomes you
Our home has turned the hell we fear
Oh great Euphrates listen not to the gliblings of these.
Do not cause pain yo your own

Tell us the worth of thineself
Shall we flee or welcome your cruelity
Welcome it with pain that tears is apart.
Wearing the crown of greed,
Drives your mind to supposed glory
Seeking name that proclaims shame
Ye has no respect for the Creator
Cos Euphrates is the handiwork of the Provider

The Haymaker © 2014