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If your doubts of the Smartphone space being deficit in ideas still holds then the ViVO APEX 2019 will put you to shame.

DESIGN: It is a striking glass body — on the front and the back. The beautiful 6.39” body has a slightly curved back that fits into the palms with its mirrored back panel. This whole piece of smartphone can be tweaked using its body as buttons which gives incredible haptic feedbacks just as actual buttons.

SOFTWARE: With its own uniqueness, ViVO APEX 2019 houses Qualcomm Snapdragon latest 855 Chipset with an Octa Core Processor and Android Pie (9) making this piece of tech blazingly fast and powerful as it stands toe-to-toe with other expensive flagships in 2019.

CAMERA: Coming with a dual mounted Rear facing camera of 12MP + 13MP, it supports OIS and provides opportunity to tweak the camera in Pro Mode for professional stunning photography. There is no front facing camera as the back mirrored panel is used as a way to enable you take selfies with the stunning dual back cameras.

STORAGE & DISPLAY/FINGERPRINT: Powered by 12GB RAM & 512GB on board storage, the ViVO APEX 2019 is a monster of a phone. With a 6.39 inches AMOLED Display, the colours are vibrant and brilliant. It comes with an onscreen fingerprint which is fantastically fast.

BATTERY: With its highly optimized software and systems, the 4100mAh of this smartphone will easily take you through two days with heavy usage. This is a daily battery driver. It supports fast charging.

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