VIDEO: Loom Money Admin lashed by members for trying “Usain Bolt” move with money.

Written by The Haymaker

Gradually the magic of Loom is turning into the poison of doom. As people are cashing out quick money, this admin is cashing in quick lashes.

An admin of a ‘Loom’ money group was overwhelmed with tears as he received the beatings of his life for attempting to pull a fast one on his members and bolt with the group’s money.

A video sighted by Celebrities Buzz clearly showed all group members taking turns to give the said Admin powerful strokes whiles he screamed for dear

“Loom Money” is the latest quick money scheme to surface after the exit of “Earn It”. With LOOM, you only need to invest as low as GHC20.00 and get GHC180.00 in return.

Loom Money Ghana is Pyramid Scheme just like ‘peer-to-peer’ money-making scheme.

So after investing the GHC20.00, you invite friends and families to join. In simple terms, the more people join, the faster everyone cashes his/her GHC180.00. An investment of just GHC20.00 yields a profit of GHC160.00

The quick money scheme as been labeled by officials as scam.



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