Video: Curvy thief(alleged) at Ecobank, Adum Kumasi branch busted even after she pulled off “Tom Cruise” stunts.

Written by The Haymaker

In what should have been a “smooth mission” turned out to be a complete failure for a young woman at Kumasi even after her “Tom Cruise” stunt.

In a viral video on social media, a young woman who is alleged to have stolen money from Ecobank, Adum branch, Kumasi was seen jumping the window from the first floor of the bank building in an attempt to out-maneuver the security personnel.

The woman in question was arrested by the security personnel present few steps away from the entrance of the bank.

However, the amount she allegedly attempted to make away with is not disclosed yet.

The lady is said to have stolen money from the bank. The video couldn’t capture the money but according to eye witnesses she threw the money on one of the cars parked in the premises before individual who recorded the video started to film.

The video shows the lady jumping to the ground from the first floor and after a short pause, she made for the entrance. Unfortunately fate was not with her as she fell down just outside the gates hence making it easier for her arrest.

Eye witnesses have disclosed that she threw the money unto on of the cars below before her “jump of faith”, but on getting down sue decided against taking the money as her escape took center stage of her priorities at the time.


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