My mind is wondering,
Far off it seems to go.
To a world unknown to all.
It seems to be searching but to no avail.
Im troubled, frustration stretches it arms for an embrace.
Seeming like a combat,
But no opponent.
Like race, But no contender.
A god with no priest

Looking at the birds go,
Makes me want to fly,
But a recall of facts
That an artefact of the Creator is what I am,
Leaves me with a smile.
I wake everyday struck with another news.
Like the bolts of Zeus.
Giving no chance to clear your views.
Strangling you with the weight of calamities

What is this whole mess of pain and suffering?
Causing terror from within
Making you yearn to cry
But determination makes you want to dine
What is life when all despises you?
Lets you believe there’s no good in you.
Life is full of mysteries and uncertainties.
But the Creator’s innovation brings victories.

The Haymaker © 2014