UKRAINE: Leave your military equipment and get out, president Zelensky to Russian troops.

Ukrainian president urges Russian troops to leave.

In what have been days of bloodshed following the invasion of the Russian army into Ukraine, reports have been shared about the extent of destruction caused in Ukraine.

Media houses and state officials of both countries have shared varying reports on the success of the invasion as well as the defense of the Ukrainian capital Kyiv.

The Ukrainian president has stated in the latest video that 4,500 Russian soldiers have been killed since the invasion.

Hense urged the Russian troops to abandon their “failed attempts” to capture the capital. He also emphasized the need for the EU to accept Ukraine as soon as possible on the basis of the special procedure.

Zelensky has over the days chosen to be with the Ukrainian troops in the fight to save the city and their identity.

Peace talks were held at the early hours of Monday, 28th February as the first attempt to call for a cease-fire. President Zelensky also urged the opposition to pay no heed to their commanders but should go back to their families.

A number of countries including France, Germany, the United States of America, etc have supported Ukraine with money, weapons, and asylum for refugees.

It is on this note that there has been an unprecedented attempt by the EU to buy and deliver weapons to Ukraine to help in their defense attempts.