A smile threatens to conquer my lips
For I hear joyful rumbles in my ribs
I walk on the carpet enyigye
As I hear the bells of Santa
In my little world i crave for fanta
On I march to the holy land
Though I have magic wand
As wise as the wisemen
I carry my gift
My gift of ayeyi

All hail the King
The terror of the king
Into the manger I go
To join the sheep on praise
For his name we raise
Of the virgin born
Y3ma wo akwaaba
Who joins me to welcome Him
As the angels sing His hyme
Venite, Venite, Adoremus

Oh I see the baby cries
But with my lolipop he smiles
At his feet I worship
As I sail his praise ship
Unto the holy shores I navigate
The home of baby Jesus
East flies Wesr
South swims North
For the Lord comes, yes He comes
Off I go with chalewotey in ampits
I hope you join me

The Haymaker ©2015