TIME WITH AGYEI SARPONG KUMANKOMAH (Winner of “The Voice Of The African Child” Category of the maiden version of THE VILLAGE THINKERS POETRY HONORARY AWARDS)


**Congratulations poet!! Can your tell us your name and brief educational background?

Agyei Sarpong-Kumankoma Amos,19 years. My basic education was at Sacred Heart and progressed to St James Seminary (both in Sunyani).

** Ever dreamt of becoming a poet? And how far has the journey fared with poetry?

I never thought of poetry until I–out of envy–stole two poetry anthologies from a friend. Reading them made me hate poetry for I couldn’t understand what I read!  Just as I was about giving up I encountered Ifeanyi Menkiti’s “The Fact Of The Matter.” Then I said to myself “I can be a poet”
I think I am still warming up for the journey. There’s a long way to go

** Poet Sarpong, what has been your inspiration in writing poetry?

I am inspired by people and  I believe it’s God working through them.

** Why not any other genre of writing but poetry?

I was born to create. Poetry really exploits the creative lad in me but I write short stories and draw as swell

** Were you expecting to win any of this noble honorary awards?

I never expected at this stage I call warm-up but this has really strengthened me for the journey ahead

** How far has poetry transformed your life and perception?

Through poetry I have met a lot of new people. Poetry has boosted my confidence and there has been a enhancement in my human relations skills as I was initially the quiet type.

** Does poetry in our part of the world (Africa) get enough support?

I don’t know of other countries but for Ghana, the mentorship support is hundred percent, the older poets help to nurture young talents. A few other individuals too sacrifice their resources to help poets. With regards to government’s support I’m yet to see any.

** How best has social media boost your poetry writings?

I have learnt a lot from other poets on social media platforms. As the readership gets larger and larger my desire to improve and feed my fans with good poetry increases so I write more

** What have been some of the challenges so far with you as a poet?

Getting the platform and the audience is a challenge here. Sunyani has not embraced poetry yet

** What comments can you make to those who have supported you to this far?

I assure them I won’t ever disappoint them. May God bless them and I love them all. especially my Asaase Yaa, Mama Lucy Peprah Tawiah.