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THMPoetry and The Village Thinkers Set Record With The Biggest Poetry, Spoken Word Event In The Central Region, “Just Love & Words”

Written by The Haymaker

It was VALS’ DAY yesterday and as usual, the town was flooded with reds and whites.  Some found love and again, others found love and words. Many zapped into the various malls in search of yummy chocolates and candy.  Amidst this state of euphoria,   a program was organized by THMPoetry and The Village Thinkers. Lovers of poetry and spoken word trooped into Oguaa Rooftop to have a taste of love glammed up in enticing words and expressions.

This was the maiden edition of the concert and it will go down in the annals of history as the best memorable concert of poetry. The tinged blue and fairy lights gave the place an ambiance of its own.  I do not want to be considered as waxing lyrical about this concert but the truth is, this concert deserves all the accolades.

Aside all the trademark display of poetry in all its grandeur and beauty, the musicians present never disapointed their audience. Brownie did the magic, songstress Ajoa and Queen Vicky sparked flames of joy, and everyone was beaming as Nerissa did what she does best; leaving the crowd to breeze through the song as if they’ve been singing it for years.

I do not intend to buzz your ears with the eulogies of the poets and artistes who performed last night but you can rest assure that there was an array of awe-inspiring and soul-elevating performances which served as a sweet- relief to both singles and love-struck individuals present at the concert .

The program interspersed poetry and spoken word with romantic and barnstorming music from various artistes. The action-packed concert started with poets of great timbre and caliber who gave a freestyle just to pave way for the actual performers of the night.

With the fiery darts of passion already ignited in the hearts of the audience, Ato Bentum took it a notch higher. With a piercing eye and passion, he subtly delivered his poem.  The poem had a haunting poignancy and awakened memories in the hearts of the audience.

Ocloo CreativeMind and Papa Adekye gave exhilarating pieces of poems and great punch lines which were simply irresistible. Truth be told, Papa Adekye is man in his own world. To say his delivery was awesome will be an understatement. 

Just as we thought the show has been stolen by the performers so far, came Kofi Flair.  He cried oceans of impeccable and captivating words into the ears of the throng that had gathered for the concert.  He gave meaning to the meaningless, described the indescribable and gave meaning to the deepest thoughts of his audience. He redefined “love” through words. Amidst the flush of excitement and joy,  the crowd cheered him on.

Abeiku Arhin Tsiwah swept the crowd off their feet with his amazing entrance. Through his poem, he gave wings to words to fly again in the minds of his numerous audience. His style of delivery gave the illusion of having had the experience without actually going through it. The crowd was dazzled by the charm of his words. The dexterity with which he spoke compelled the crowd to watch in excitement as if to say, “boy, you’re simply good “.

MC Haymaker, wasted no time at all.  He pounced on the mic poised for action.  The smooth texture of his voice sent shivers down the spine of the audience.  The silent grandeur of his voice and style of delivery surely melted hearts and bodies in the silence of the cool biting night.

All in all, the atmosphere was saturated with words, love and poetry.  One could touch the thickness of love in the atmosphere as painted through lyrical and magical words by the performers. 

 The captivating and enthralling words which felled from the lips of these poets like pips falling from cherries tied hearts to hearts and kneaded body and soul together in an unending ocean of love.  “Just love and Words” is by far the biggest poetry event in the Central Region. 

By: Elvis Effah

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