Hard Nuts

***The sign****

Written by The Haymaker

The number of times you’ve tried
Can’t be equaled to the number of times the clock tics
When you think your life is at a stand still,
Remember the number of hours the sun hangs in the sky
Each day is a blessing in the armour of a test

Know the beat of your heart
And dance to its music
It’s rhythm should move your soul
Guided by your passion,
Your will to survive; be that breath of fire

Fire away to that Dreamland
Focus not on the roars of detractors
Listen to the inner you
Your ticket to the greater you
May be that which is ignored

You seek the bigger sign
And forget it takes you to make the difference
You made it a quest
When you already had the answer;
You are the sign
#THMpoetry © 2018

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