Here I come as your royal gong gong beater
All over your carpet I play “kokoka”!!
As the little ones dance apatampa.
Into the village square where men ponder
Where all gossips gather
Agoo! Agoo! I carry on my tongue the words of h3n Egya
That which I aim to share byvthe fire
For deep as it is, needs to be lighter

I talk of the Potter
He that moves from us not a step further
Yes! it is Him I talk of, my brother
)wenfo a )mpa aba
Unto Him my praise I render
For Him I play my gong “kokoka”!
In His workshop our strings are tied together

)no a oringyaa h3n nsi nkwanta debiara da
Over ages He rules forever
I speak of the Potter
)hen k3se no ara
I hear the royal drums sound to raise his name higher
I pray ye to join me give Him aseda
For only he knows of )kyena
The wonder of the Potter.

He that seperates blood from water
For our sins, He hopes for a change sooner
Our tribulations, He chews away like cola
With divine skills, we call Him the creator
His deeds I shall gladly be irs orater
In him is the lasting taste like apapransa
I speak of the Potter
Lord God the greatest conquerer.

Haymaker ©2015