TERRORISM: Popular hospital at Alajo, Accra turns out to be a hub for manufacturing bombs and guns.

Written by The Haymaker

The recent swoops by joint security forces of the police, army, BNI etc has been producing some huge results. The latest to be brought to light is that, a hospital in Alajo a community in Accra was apparently been used as a hub for manufacturing bombs and guns.

A joint Police-Military-National security operation, has revealed that covert activities of bombs and guns manufacturing syndicate inside a popular hospital within the Accra suburb of Alajo.

As fate will have it, the medical director of the facility whose name is not unveiled yet together with his accomplices for about 15months have been on the watch list of the country’s security agencies.

The said director was arrested alongside his accomplish, who happens to be a blacksmith based in the Volta Region on Friday afternoon.

Production of some explosives and guns was already in session when the arrest was effected. It was further revealed that he had imported heavy-duty state-of-the-art bombs and guns manufacturing equipment and explosives into the country.

After the raid at the hospital at Alajo, some fifteen already manufactured assault rifles and a stockpile of explosives were retrieved from a backroom within the hospital.

With the two currently in the grips of the Bureau of National Investigations (BNI); the joint operation is working to bring to book all those within the circle. However, efforts to secure bail for them have been abortive.


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