Tales Of The Blacksmith


To who does judgment come to?
Is it he that merits?
Or he that knows not of his deeds?
By the fire, my day I live.
With the intense heat my worth I carve
Dealing with different shades of metal
My future I uphold
Forgetting the number of times I strike
For its beauty I crave at all times.

Why still live in the blackness of our doom
I talk of our negligence of duty
Is it what we claimed as heritage
Or our gift for the unborn
Does not our tongue tire from repeating itself?
I ask Ye who is to blaim?
As we close our eyes upon those that hurt us.
Only to open them to those of no need
Are we not tender than the core of metal?

Even the hardest metal agrees to a change.
Our ignorance rides on the ferry of “I Don’t Care”
The words of the unwise
Be not of the fools kingdom
For only he ignores that which is important.
“Bia )tomfo no b) Kai Kai no…
The sole anthem of the blacksmith
I pray you avail yourself
For only you can sing your lyrics.

Nanabayin Asaam

All copyrights reserved Haymaker © 2015

All copyright reserved © Haymaker 2015