Melodies soft in nature, Yet burning like fire. Music, piercing like a hot spear Though soothing like a mother’s comfort. Playing through the day, And drawing curtains over the night. A touch of elegance; As you play the anthem of the night Beneath the stare of the full moon. Making known the silent language of […]

Goodnight world

Goodnight to the world As sleep sings me a lullaby Putting it’s glue on my eyes Goodnight to the world. #THMpoetry © 2017


Life folds and unfolds Like the mat of a bedwetter , It carries an unbearable stench But a perfume to the bedwetter It twists and turns Like the braids of Sisala woman. Leading to a dark nowhere Like the path to the graveyard Though it sometimes leads somewhere Like rout to a banquet Hmm mbr3 […]


Weighing down on me are my thoughts. Raining down on me each second with the oughts . Passing each moment like a novel Filled with so many characters That I wonder how big my head is. Tossing and rolling on an empty bed, Through the contours of my viens Into the knuckles that clutch this […]


Symbol of Africanism Flawlessly branded in beauty With the smile worth fighting for Tirelessly you work for perfection Breaking the boundaries yet mounted. Ye are the symbol of Africanism. Fighting for the virtues of Mother Africa, You stand for genuity For the sake of thine voice , We turn on our electric mirrors, For thine […]


I have kept quiet for days Or is it for ages? Contemplating on what I see I have kept mute over what I have heard I smell disgust in the belly of the pure But I have kept quiet. Even with my undercloth faded and exposed, I have still kept quiet. With the gong gong […]


Callously and clumsily we jump on each other Feeding on the troubles of one another. Taking pride in the disgrace of another From the painful tears of another, we feed Thinking not of our troubles but of the grunts and groans of another. Do we not tire from our “selfless selfishness”? With steel hard rods […]


Where I want to be Soaring high above the earth With no worries There I want to be In thine light; My love shall glow, For thine exuberance energizes me Behind the moon I want to be. Thine beauty explains nature Its essence lies in thine magnificence Oh beauty, I wish to ride on your […]


Behind me is the ancient clock It continues with its anthem of tick tock At the time I wore smock Hiding what is in stock For I feared the black lock. Making waves behind the block For in front, mouths are ready to mock On the rusty doors I knock As I brace myself for […]


In my rat whole I have coiled, Having nothing but leaves to cover myself. Eating from my stomach for all around me is dark. Breathing my life out for I’m empty Feeling itches but dare not scratch For the little I have may peel off. Scared to yawn for I may starve to death Air […]