***THE SIGN****

     The number of times you’ve tried Can’t be equaled to the number of times the clock tics When you think your life is at a stand still, Remember the number of hours the sun hangs in the sky Each day is a blessing in the armour of a test Know the beat of your […]


Melodies soft in nature, Yet burning like fire. Music, piercing like a hot spear Though soothing like a mother’s comfort. Playing through the day, And drawing curtains over the night. A touch of elegance; As you play the anthem of the night Beneath the stare of the full moon. Making known the silent language of […]


Among the lot , In the midst of shinny stars, Within the landscape of roses , At the shores of maidens, I see none that makes my heart smile. At the parade of dancing beauties Displaying steps of twists and turns I see none that can make me ,me. At the bank of the smooth […]


So much for the nature of the crocodile It comes out of water and stays there for a while And just as you come by, It looks at you and winks a Hi. Life always starts like an empty file You begin with zero and count to nine. Filled with delicacies ,the food ,oh not […]


At the dawn creation Odomankomah’s consecration The birds chirped and sang The waters slept still  As the moon failed to blink its eye. The wind moved  soothingly Whistling to ease the tension For a great gift to humanity Was in the protruded belly . At the break of the sky By the  rays of the […]


Where I want to be Soaring high above the earth With no worries There I want to be In thine light; My love shall glow, For thine exuberance energizes me Behind the moon I want to be. Thine beauty explains nature Its essence lies in thine magnificence Oh beauty, I wish to ride on your […]


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