How To Travel On A Budget

Do you remember the last time you run out of money when you hit the road? Either because your overspent your cash or did some impulse buying. The feeling of discomfort that goes with it is really not nice, not to talk of the fear of being stranded on your journey. Traveling on a budget […]

5 Ways To Style Your Home With Patterned Rugs

Some people do it just so right with patterned rugs , with perfect color blending that sets the mood so perfectly. If you want your room or any space to look splendid with patterned rugs, then you should take note of the tips below. The tips explains how to effectively style patterned rugs in your […]

Why You Should Know About Lucky Numbers

It is believed that the numbers we see around us carry some sought of significance in our lives, some are considered to be lucky numbers that brings us good fortunes while some others are seen us being carriers of bad omen. Various religions have propounded meanings into numbers and how individuals can identify their lucky […]


My highs and lows have journeyed with me this far Got me contemplating whether to enter this bar To have a toast to my past. I’ve lived it so fast Never could afford to see my star As I looked forward to the morning star. I saw hope blown away like dust Making it in […]

How To Deal With The Singles’ Penalty

Life as a single person with all its freedom and care free attitude has its own flipside. Single life presents you with great elements which we consider as making us independent. Logic is that, a single man or woman has lesser worries but don’t forget with independence comes a higher responsibility. Being considered as single […]


That day when the cock crows, I will give a befitting yawn, When the sun creeps into the the skies of that faithful dawn When the sun gifts it’s tattoo across the lawn I will give a satisfying stretch I will scream to the tune of my creaking bed And sigh to the sounds of […]


Dreadful thoughts plagued my mind With every breath it winds up I’m accompanied by pain On this path of loneliness With regrets as my walking stick I walked with the fool’s pride And greeted with the salutes of disgrace. Soaked with croaked melodies For that is all my sorry self can afford My tomorrow I […]

***THE SIGN****

     The number of times you’ve tried Can’t be equaled to the number of times the clock tics When you think your life is at a stand still, Remember the number of hours the sun hangs in the sky Each day is a blessing in the armour of a test Know the beat of your […]


He that treats his herbs with contempt, Eyes the beautiful African woman with disgust. Yet scraps his torn pocket for white capsules Sits for hours to watch a white lie in the glass, Only to spit a wad of cola at the sound of Atumpan. “I hate African leaders” The anthem he so proudly sings […]