How To Travel On A Budget

Do you remember the last time you run out of money when you hit the road? Either because your overspent your cash or did some impulse buying. The feeling of discomfort that goes with it is really not nice, not to talk of the fear of being stranded on your journey. Traveling on a budget […]

Why You Should Know About Lucky Numbers

It is believed that the numbers we see around us carry some sought of significance in our lives, some are considered to be lucky numbers that brings us good fortunes while some others are seen us being carriers of bad omen. Various religions have propounded meanings into numbers and how individuals can identify their lucky […]

What Makes Up An Excellent Idea?

Every now and then, we come across new ideas, either we are the ones developing them or someone else is doing so. Most often than not, we get lost in determining what really makes an idea good. Some say it just feels right because their instincts tell them so. However we cannot really rely on […]


Have you ever been in love? Seen your fate written under the moonlight… And spread across the floor beneath the chandelier ? Have you ever fought for love And swore to fight till your last breath Against all odds? Have you ever sat under the stars Unable to count and hoped… Hoped it will equal […]


My highs and lows have journeyed with me this far Got me contemplating whether to enter this bar To have a toast to my past. I’ve lived it so fast Never could afford to see my star As I looked forward to the morning star. I saw hope blown away like dust Making it in […]


When tales were told We sat with unblinking attention Nodded our heads in unison To the rhythms of night Sitting cross-legged as if to consult the oracle. Rhythms of night, tales of the elderly Our ears never tire…


A face for a moment , An expression for the second, A life for the season, A smile for the hour, A cry for the minute. She lives a life only she can explain I try to dilute her gestures Only to have it in high concentration The many face god Why choose me for […]


I’m only a passerby Sent by success to say hi That with little push you can go high. Life is only but an exam Just believe and be calm #THMpoetry © 2017


So much for the nature of the crocodile It comes out of water and stays there for a while And just as you come by, It looks at you and winks a Hi. Life always starts like an empty file You begin with zero and count to nine. Filled with delicacies ,the food ,oh not […]


Life folds and unfolds Like the mat of a bedwetter , It carries an unbearable stench But a perfume to the bedwetter It twists and turns Like the braids of Sisala woman. Leading to a dark nowhere Like the path to the graveyard Though it sometimes leads somewhere Like rout to a banquet Hmm mbr3 […]