At the dawn creation Odomankomah’s consecration The birds chirped and sang The waters slept still  As the moon failed to blink its eye. The wind moved  soothingly Whistling to ease the tension For a great gift to humanity Was in the protruded belly . At the break of the sky By the  rays of the […]


Life folds and unfolds Like the mat of a bedwetter , It carries an unbearable stench But a perfume to the bedwetter It twists and turns Like the braids of Sisala woman. Leading to a dark nowhere Like the path to the graveyard Though it sometimes leads somewhere Like rout to a banquet Hmm mbr3 […]


Weighing down on me are my thoughts. Raining down on me each second with the oughts . Passing each moment like a novel Filled with so many characters That I wonder how big my head is. Tossing and rolling on an empty bed, Through the contours of my viens Into the knuckles that clutch this […]

Son Of Our Land

Son of our land Ye breath and bleed of African decent Thine heart yields the love of Mother Africa We praise thine deeds Aww Son of our land Our tongues will forever unfold with gratitude All copyright reserved © Haymaker 2015