Why You Should Know About Lucky Numbers

It is believed that the numbers we see around us carry some sought of significance in our lives, some are considered to be lucky numbers that brings us good fortunes while some others are seen us being carriers of bad omen. Various religions have propounded meanings into numbers and how individuals can identify their lucky […]


My highs and lows have journeyed with me this far Got me contemplating whether to enter this bar To have a toast to my past. I’ve lived it so fast Never could afford to see my star As I looked forward to the morning star. I saw hope blown away like dust Making it in […]


I’ve kept myself busy throughout the day Trying to forget what you might say, As you give me that piercing stare, The long face of disappointment Accompanied by the sigh of regret The image of you shaking your head Is what I can’t bear to see. My life you pictured so bright, Tutored me to […]