Official Poem For Central Music Awards 18

Once upon a time In a land born along the coast On the same stretch as the land named after the pond of salt Where maidens treat you to the unique taste of exquisite Fante fante And men hit their chest with pride Pride born out of hardwork As they sip from the belly of […]


My highs and lows have journeyed with me this far Got me contemplating whether to enter this bar To have a toast to my past. I’ve lived it so fast Never could afford to see my star As I looked forward to the morning star. I saw hope blown away like dust Making it in […]


When tales were told We sat with unblinking attention Nodded our heads in unison To the rhythms of night Sitting cross-legged as if to consult the oracle. Rhythms of night, tales of the elderly Our ears never tire…


Symbol of Africanism Flawlessly branded in beauty With the smile worth fighting for Tirelessly you work for perfection Breaking the boundaries yet mounted. Ye are the symbol of Africanism. Fighting for the virtues of Mother Africa, You stand for genuity For the sake of thine voice , We turn on our electric mirrors, For thine […]