STRANGE: Reincarnated 3year old boy takes his parents to the site where he was killed in his previous life.

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In a strange turn of events in the area of ​​the Golan Heights near the Syrian-Israeli border, a 3years old boy led his parents and village elders to the spot where he was killed in his previous life.

He recounted that he was hit with an axe in his past life and passed away. He showed the adults of his town, where the man buried his body, and incredibly, they found the skeleton of a man there.

He also indicated where the weapon was and, through excavations, found an axe at the site. His story, however, had the power to surprise his community

He was born with a long red mark on his head. According to Druze believe, as in other cultures, that birthmarks are related to death in past lives. When the boy was old enough to talk, he informed his family that he was strikes with a blow to the head. The adults took the boy, three years old, to the house of his previous life.

The boy knew in what city he had lived, so he took them there. When they reached the village, the boy remembered what his name was in his past life.

The strangest part of the story is, he remembered the name and the person who killed him. When the suspect was earlier confronted he lied but, later gave in after the boys had shown where he was buried along with where the axe was. He now faces charges for murder.

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