Soul winner finds herself in the bed of the one she is winning for God.

What was meant to scare off a church girl has led her into the bed of a man in an attempt to win him for God.

A jodel user has taken to the anonymous social app to share his p experience and dilemma.

He recounts that he met a girl about a month ago who stopped him to share the word of God and did excellent at it too.

Although his reason for stopping was only because she was beautiful, he didn’t decline when she asked for his number for follow-up calls.

It so happens that he grew tired of the constant messages and pestering to come to church with her.

In other to stop her from calling again, he proposed that she meets for sex before he honors the invitation.

The narrator expressed his “surprise” when she proposed a counteroffer of him going to church before their escapades.

She finally gave in to his proposal and even showed up on the appointed day, all in the name of winning a soul for God.

As fate will have it, the narrator was feeling guilty and at crossroads on whether to go ahead with it.

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