I’ve kept myself busy throughout the day

Trying to forget what you might say,

As you give me that piercing stare,

The long face of disappointment

Accompanied by the sigh of regret

The image of you shaking your head

Is what I can’t bear to see.

My life you pictured so bright,

Tutored me to do everything so right

I guess I was in over my head with what was my right

Until I ended doing what was wrong.

Now I sit drenched in shame

Not even worthy to use the front door,

Not with a record so poor.

I lost track of the number of times I said sorry

When you forced a smile and said to me not to worry

You told me life was full of mistakes

It wasn’t always sweet as cakes

This became the slogan I chanted without remorse

When I started what was not meant to be finished

Maybe you shouldn’t have said that.

I look at the rotation of my creaking fan

As if it reminds of something.

It reminds me of my life;

How I keep coming back to this point.

Are you not tired of me already?

Am I worth another stare?

Am I worth saving Oh Lord?