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In my lonely walk I glanced
On barefoot I watched
As I walked clothed but unclothed
For my heritage fades away
The treasure of my fathers I’ve lost
For it seems not needed
So they say…

Weeping within I looked
In sight, all coloured seems to turn
Or is it the skin colour?
That makes it so?
I guess not cos red blood flows within
Black is evil
So they say…

In the name of ancestral remembrance
We avail our naivety
Throwing away our sense of belonging
Disposing our true culture
As maidens dress to honour nudity
Only for men to emulate madness
A moment of true joy
So they say…

With a land plagued with unmatured parents
Is there no godmother to train our virgins?
As we sell ourselves into the evil of modernity
Seeking pastures where the old starved for
The new tradition unveiled
So they say…

On I go on my lonely walk
Hoping to get where my soul wills
A place to plant the seed
The seed of Sank)fa
With which all values reside
That which is outdated
So they say…

Β© 2015 The Haymaker

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