Sim card re-registration extended to 30th September.

The minister of communication Hon. Ursula Owusu has “reluctantly” announced the extension of the sim re-registration process to the 30th September, 2022.

That will be the second time the ministers has had to propose the ending date for the registration.

This comes after several public outcry about the inability to register sim cards as well as the struggle to attain the Ghana Card which serves as the official ticket for the process.

Key public figures including Hon. Sam George expressed discontent about the entire process. He is also quoted to have said the communication minister’s earlier decison to enforce the blocking of unregistered sim cards is nothing but empty proclamations.

It is still unclear in majority of Ghanaians will be able to register their sim cards before the final date. Telecommunication networks are equally happy to see the extension approved since termination will see them lose millions of Ghana cedis.

The registration could now be done by self service – the registration app will be available on the App Store and will attract a charge of 5 cedis according to the Minister of Communications Ursula Owusu Ekuful.