SESSION WITH Ishmael Nelson Acquah Eduful Winner Of The ” Identity Inclined Poet” Category Of The Maiden Edition Of THE VILLAGE THINKERS HONORARY POETRY AWARDS FOR 2015


A SESSION WITH Ishmael Nelson Acquah Eduful Winner Of The “Identity Inclined Poet” Category

1. Hello, welcome to this platform and congratulations for your win. Can whisper to us your name and brief educational background?

Well! My name is Ishmael Nelson Acquah Eduful___But Kofi Acquah is my pseudonym! I started school at Ajumako-Bisease Methodist primary____I was then sponsored to continue at Heritage Academy…By God’s grace I climbed the ladder to Bisease Secondary Commercial (BISECO)__all in the central region of Ghana!

2. Ever dreamt of becoming a poet? How far has the journey fared with poetry?

I never dreamt of becoming a poet, because I saw poetry as cutting down a tree with a blunt cutlass! Until I was motivated by God through my brother Nana Arhin Tsiwah…oooh yes! That’s how I see the scene! So I took to myself a challenge to burry my head into poetry__And now that hidden potential has been unleashed!
I could say the journey is cool

3. What has been the inspiration with you in writing poetry?

That’s when I see and hear my fellow poets/poetesses acknowledging,commenting,liking my works and supporting the movement!

4. Why not any other genre but poetry?

OH! Well,I actually love weaving words together,and as a matter of fact, I had wanted to ink my words across the globe to motivate my colleagues,and also build on my intellect…so since poetry deals with broad minds,I think that’s a right genre to choose.

5. Did you expect to win any of this noble honorary awards by The Village Thinkers?

Yes! Because when I saw that I have been nominated,I had full hope within,and was really expecting to be crowned one way or the other

6. How far has poetry transformed your life?

It has given me a gargantuan joy whenever I take my pen to think and poor my heart out..I would then be far away from the breeze of loneliness,for my book,ink and thoughts shares the sentiment with me always.
And also,I could see I’m able to think fast and write well in school examinations..and have effective oral communication very well in public with people around me and far from me

7.  Does poetry in our part of the world (Africa) get enough support?

Not actually, I think the appreciation is low

8. How best has social media boost your poetry writings?

By helping create platforms like facebook for others to create groups which host a lot of people from around the world to share their works,design competitions that goes a long way to boost the confidence within….A classic case is when just recently,I entered a competition in a group called AFRICAN POETRY,and finally I won the contest….I think it’s one of the best way it has helped…Not only that,I can also post my poems onto the social network and would gain recognition….cos fans would be commenting,liking and sharing them and that also has really boost my poetry. With the help of facebook,people have been able to create groups which host a lot of people from around the world to share their works

9. What have been some of the challenges so far as a poet?

So far the only challenge I’ve encountered is a personal one..of which time wouldn’t allow me to blow them! And very soon,It will be ok! That’s all!

10. What comments can you make to those who have supported him thus this far?

I say God bless y’all anyone who keeps the movement alive…..I thank you for pushing me so far through your likes,comments,shares,nominations,votings and inspirations…I salute y’all__real fans! Keep supporting the movement and lets raise African Poetry on high! I’m humbled! It’s your poet___”Kofi Acquah” ! *wink*