I seek to know
But I tend to be my foe.
I struggle to recollect
For all around me seems to neglect.
I seek to know my answers.

No one seems to care
As peace has become rare
Who shall tend to my worries
Black or white
Light or dark.

In whose army shall I march
My ribs they aim to crash
My findings stare blankly at me
For its in itself a question
Who shall tend feed my ears with answers?

My tongue tires from asking
My head wails from thinking
My heart jumps from fear
Aww my whole trembles from desperacy
Who shall soothe me with answers

Shall I be clothed in suite
Or shall be covered with “am)nsin”
Suite they say, I strangle myself
As I seem barbaric with “am)nsin”
For they say I’m naked
I seek to know my answers.

All copyright reserved © Haymaker 2015