Sailing on the misteries of human existence
Blinded and confused by the waves of dear life
Yet meandering through. with the gift of peristence
Seeking the pieces of this non-ending puzzle
Thus ending in this pool of nowhere
Chasing the light I never saw,
But pushed by the wind. I always crave
Fighting with no visible combatant
In this ring of madness.
Crawling on weakened knees where the old run.
Hence painted in its gallery

Struggles of man breaks the shakles of reality.
Firing heavy cannons yet tamed by them
Soaring on the pulse of hope
Quenching the atrocities of my journey
Walking and gliding past nothing to recall
Yearning to go with the flow
Yet losing the grip of its speed
My ways fits not in this rat hole of mine
From deep within I feel the tingle of greatness
Boiling up from the tubes of my whole
Creating the patterns of my own

A glance up the ladder strengthes my emaciated bones
Surfing on greatness, the glimpse of imagination
Finders-keepers, I have found my light
Intending to hold unto like nothing else
Heavy though but worth carrying
Bathing in it, shall it be my rainfall.
I lust for all the glory it holds
Surely some are carried by their light
But shakes me not.
For I thirst for cold blooded war in this quest
Quest to search for the light