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I yawn with the smile of love on my lips.
With the fairies of love dancing in my heart;
Thier tappings increase the beat of my heart.
The joy of my troubled heart.
Spinning in my own circus
You ride on a unicorn
Flying above the roar of lions.
As I watch from the bear’s cave.

For you Im called a fool;
Flourishing in love,
Outsmarting the eyes of haters
Over the bridge of your beauty
Low I will bow for you.
On the streets of love
I raise your monument.
In the eyes of onlookers;
I avail myself for a kiss.

Unicorn of beauty
Fairy of magnificence
Sorceress of genuity
Demon of love
I thirst for thine elixor
For I wish not to blink
Cos’ I may lose thine holy sight
In eternity I wish to wear the scales of love.

Haymaker Β©2015

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