Reality of Life

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True love is having a smile on your face when you think about him/her.
True love is when you know all is well even when you are not there.
True love is when you still love him/her.
True love is when you still love him/her even when you are miles apart.
True love is when you love the person for who he/she is.
True love is when even the future is bad you see both of you together.
True love is when you feel something special just by closing your eyes.
True love is when you miss him/her each passing second without him/her.
True love is when you pay no heed to whatever they say.
True love is when you stand up for him/her.
True love is about happiness.
True love is not riches.
True love is not fame.
True love is not pride.
True love us knowing within you that you are loved.
True love is what makes you do the unthinkable.
True love is that glitter in your eye when you think of him/her.
True love is the feeling that he/she is just right one for you.
True love is you.
True love is just you.

The Haymaker Β© 2014

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