The sound of its name distinct us from it

News about it scares us

Prison the worst place to go

Says we at the thought of it

Yet what we despite harbored the yolks of freedom

The turning point in our rich history

Their worth, the essence of our free mobility

The smelly pa lour, their fuel of strength

The scandalous labor,  the mirror of knowledge

Africa thrives on thy sweet comfort



From thy treatment, the light of hope,

Beacons of freedom stared at your non-smiling ceiling.

Ye strengthened the dying will of salvation,

Though harsh they still returned to your chambers

From thine arms Nkrumah surged through as the patron of light,

From the unforgotten chambers Mandela sucked out apartheid evils

Freedom of the Negros, ushered from your realm

We hail you oh home of heroes

From thy chains the Church emerged

At the mercies of your whips, flowed the salvation of man



Now you bearers of the mantle !

Thou walks and threads like a blinkard,

Thy ways depicts myopia

Thine worth dwells in the pot bellies.

Our hopes and struggles crushed by your ingenuity

Ye who thinks nothing but power,

Forgetting  the true being of African legacies

I dare you to do otherwise

Will thou forgo the easiness of comfort for Africa?

For Prison,The Home of Heroes.