The Haymaker



From the dusty corridors of the village,
Staring at the rusty roofs of my modern hut,
With a bleak of light tearing through with the force of Zeus.
The innovator’s motivation the fuel of inspiration.
Threading on the sole pleasure of true african heritage.
Sweet flow of emotions through the scribbling of the great poets.

Enlightening us with the joy of artistic inventions .
Poetry the single heartbeat of every inhabitant.
Leading us into a world of it’s own
Embracing us with the love of nature.
Just can’t blink without loving its care.
Your will exceeds the power of each beating heart.

The Haymaker © 2014

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The Haymaker


  • A collection of inspiration that a poets who is purely an African under his hut in a village wishes to feed the minds of people.
    He the poet is telling the reader how far his poetry style can go deep into the mind, soul and heart of the reader.
    He seemed more of deriving inspiration from so many sources which is just complex to mere minds.

    Great poetry into your own half!

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