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Poem Of The Week: So My Funeral Will Be

Written by The Haymaker

So will my funeral be?
Do you remember when I came asking help from thee?
My brother said to me, “I have kids to take care of so go and ask the church for help.”
Not that I didn’t have anything but a source of food was my kelp.
My sister said, “The church has a harvest and for this I will like to retain my honorable position.”
Not even a second did she give to listen to my petition?
The son abroad asked the wife to send me out for I was no more blood.
Well I had his younger brother who was with me and made me glad.
My late husband’s brother dragged us from his office for he said, “your son smells.”
It is true that our house burnt and we needed help but that doesn’t mean we wanted gels.

So will my funeral be?
Do you remember when you heard I was no more a being?
My brother said, “I will take her son as a son and will cater for the canopies at the funeral.
I wished he could say this when he had time in general.
My sister was willing to feed the invites.
When she forgot that God says, “You should feed those who need diet.”
My son and his uncle were fighting for the one to handle my coffin and where guests will sleep.

Now they have gotten where they wanted me to weep.
So will my funeral be?
Why trembling while is not a bee?
Today you have seen a ghost.
You are running than to thank the living host.
I am alive than dead as you have wanted.
For it was an illusion from my bien aimé son… for your days to be counted.
May this serve as a lesson to the world.
Help a stranger, a friend or a family while s/he is alive than wait for his or her death.
Remember what nature tells you.
No matter where you come from.
Respect all living beings even the dead for life is a cycle.
So will my funeral be?

Joainoo ( Joachim Quainoo)

Joachim Quainoo (Joainoo) is a Peace ambassador and a humanitarian. He owns a poem blog www.poemluvblog.wordpress.com and has written a lot of poems. He also a multilingual. He is currently the country director for Global Humanitarian network, the founder of Youth for Peaceful Elections (YOPEC) NGO and not for profit. An AIESECER and a teacher at Alliance Francaise d’Accra.

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