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Pebbles and Shells

Written by The Haymaker

I took my mind to the shores for a walk
And we had a talk
But I was scared when he asked me for a chalk
Apparently there has been a lot going on
That I’ve failed to notice
He claims I’ve been so slow like the tortoise.
Questioning if I even had any feelings.

Then I heard someone call my name.
I could hear it from afar yet so close
I asked who it was
Then there was a pause
That was when I realized
It was her, my heart
So full of beats

So angry that I was questioned about feelings.
For a moment she made me feel okay
Only to slam it in my face
“Do you even think at all?
“You better wake up
Else we leave you for good”
There I was in limbo

Then he started to sketch
Still confused as ever,
She occupied him with directions
Then sprinkled some feelings on it.
Guess what, it was the exact match
A match of the lady who sells fried fish.
The very one I buy for my every dish.

Now I’m going home
Knowing very well she will be there
As sizzling as the fish she sells
I hope to say more than just “I’m buying fish”
To tell her to rescue me
With hope that we will have a lasting relationship
Like pebbles and shells.



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