See our husband,
With a log for a chewing stick.
Bouncing about in the name of walking.
Chesting out like he just conquered thousands.
Greeting every passing soul,
Though not in a durber.
Priding himself with his pregnant belly.
But has never seen labour.
Our husband comes

Stretching out on his asasagua
As he waits to be served with his apapransa.
For his belly seeks constant refill.
The whole neighbourhood welcomes his roar
For the lot comes from his loins.
The cries of Paapa brings smile upon his face.
A king in his making.
With us for his colony,
He conquers acres and hectres
He that knows the whispers of rats,
As they commune with fellow bushmeats.
A warrior of the forest.

See our husband
Finding solace under the “mango dua”
The most cherishd palace
Gathering his children by the campfire
Furnishing them with battle stories.
Though we never saw him fight one.
Slurping palmwine his anthem of manhood,
Boasting before fellow men
As they laugh thier hearts out.
Aww the moon dawns on us.
I go to seek my turn in his royal chamber.
Before he snores out

NB: *”asasagua is a traditonal stool being used in homes and palaces.
*”apapransa” is a local dish and is commonly found in the southern part of Ghana specifically the Fanteland

The Haymaker © 2014