Announcing his coming with the claps of thunder,
Breaking the darkness of colonization,
Crowning our hearts with the cause of ones;
Conducting our lips to sing the one true song;
Freedom, Freedom, Freedom
Fighting tirelessly for the shameful.
Locking horns with the untouched.
Calming the waves of injustice
Thine life worth pearls of heaven.

Osagyefo the title of pure genuity.
Nkrumah, truly brewed from the pot of the village.
“Y3 ma wo mbo na edwuma”.
Ye has coated us with a sense of ownership.
Clawing through the darkness of the tunnels
The sole remedy to our brainwashed minds
Egya, thine works burn through ages of time,
Spearheading the cause of Pan-Africanism
Ye planted the seed of Africa.
The heart of the universe reaps your work.

Why hast though left us in despair;
Leaving us to the roars of imposters
Entangling us with fallacies unheard of.
Financing our pockets with sweet talks.
Aww Egya your children seek you.
Traitors keep banging on our doors
Auctioning the very traits of Africa.
Condemning unity for the easiness of condos.
Leaving us on the apex of Mountain Nowhere.
Whence will the light strike.
Y3 Wura we miss your existence.
Forever your light burns in us.

The Haymaker 2014©

This is dedicated to Dr. Kwame Nkrumah for his heroic deeds for Ghana, Africa, and the world at large