OOOPS: Chinese vlogger Sun, dies while live streaming himself eating geckos, poisonous centipedes, meal worms.

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So much for publicity and fame, social media with all its positives if not used reasonably can lead to unwanted destinations. The dire need to get trendy contents out there on platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram,Twitter etc to rake in some extra cash is one that can drive people way off their limits.

It is in such unfortunate situations that a Chinese Vlogger has found himself. The clogged who is known as Sun died while live streaming himself eating eating centipedes, geckos etc died on camera.

The 35-year-old man was found dead in his flat after filming himself “eating poisonous insects as part of a spin the wheel game.”

He was found unconscious by his girlfriend in his bedroom in Hefei, Aunhui province, China, on Saturday. As per reports by Metro, this came after he had earlier live-streamed himself eating centipedes, mealworms and geckos, while drinking alcohol

All this charade was part of the new spinning wheel game launched by Sun himself where he would either eat an insect or drink liquor depending on where the spinning wheel landed.

Watch Video Below:

Chinese vlogger Sun, eating geckos, centipedes etc live on camera

Reportedly, the Police found his computer was still streaming live, with the insects found on his desk. 

Although the specific cause of death is yet to be revealed, police have ruled out any foul play.


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