Official Poem For Central Music Awards 18

Once upon a time

In a land born along the coast

On the same stretch as the land named after the pond of salt

Where maidens treat you to the unique taste of exquisite Fante fante

And men hit their chest with pride

Pride born out of hardwork

As they sip from the belly of the palm tree beneath the night skies.

With sweet melodies from the indigenes of the night.

On such night was born the dream

Dream conceived by musings of a great soul

And nurtured by tireless efforts of great minds.

The dream to take the melodies of the night

To the fireside in the middle of land

Gathered around it were the old and young, strong and weak, rich and poor, royal and common.

With a clap, a shout, a nod, and a leap

We fired the spark into a wild fire

Nyimpa y3 adze a )s3 ayeyi

Na abofra a onyim me nsa hohor na )nye mpayinfo to nsa dzidzi.

Y3 ma hom mbo Na edwuma

Adzekyee nye adzesaa hom hwew mfifir

Mfe esoun na no mu akotorka

Odomankoma Na )gye h3n abamba

Nyimpa y3 mbr3w, Na gyedzi Dzi h3n kan

Agoo, Agoo, Agoo

Afei ky3n w’asowa Na tsei

Aber a Oguaa K)t) dze br3br3 kodzi nkyen d3w w) akyenfo no,

)tsiemu fr3 anoma no w) )bo no do

D3 )ntow nsa mfr3 aseibu Amenfi w) Aburaman mu

Na )mb) dawur w) Angona na )nto denkyira man d3

Nhyiemu k3se bi rok) do w) )man k3se no mfinfin

Na h) no Oburumankoma tsen ne nsa

Na )dapagyan b)) ne tsir dze

Aber a )son poow ne minim Na )kaa d3

Central Music Awards Is Here To Stay!


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