Callously and clumsily we jump on each other
Feeding on the troubles of one another.
Taking pride in the disgrace of another
From the painful tears of another, we feed
Thinking not of our troubles but of the grunts and groans of another.
Do we not tire from our “selfless selfishness”?

With steel hard rods between our legs
As we droll over maidens.
As though our pockets are full
I tell you what;
They are full of envy and bloody jealousy.
The symbol of a “true man”.

We learned of “dame” ;
Game of the wise
Now our domain
For its a game of drunkards.
The mighty )ware; Game of the lazy.
Our lips waits the greetings of the calabash

Arguing from dawn to dusk
As though we were on Talking
I guess we would make great pundits
Splattering saliva all about
With hopes of licking up our woman’s soup.
We leave tomorrow to itself

All copyrights reserved Haymaker ©2015