Kokokrokoo adze akye oo
I remember the time
Time where little mothers take over
Time that beardless fathers control
I remember the time
A moment of pure love
When we run our heads of to play “nkro”
I remember the time

A joy it was to be called Dada”
As your wonderful matrimonial home
Bades you welcome
I remember the time
Where the meal of the clay and sticks is served
Only to be eaten with the chin
From the tomato tin
Taking our dessert from the milk konko
I remember the time

Where every household has two parents
It’s difficult to know who is real
For behind the house;
Crowding under the mango tree
Are the superb families
I remember
As we sneaked with burning coal
For our soup needed heat

I remember
When little ones rise proudly
Just yo accept the call of responsibility
As little as they are
Would still avail their backs for their babies
Symbol of a selfless mother
With power he commands with the baby voice
I remember
The sacred moments of “nkro”

From the boredom of of school
We run helter skelter
To unveil our treasure
A glorious collection of tin’s
Caring not about what to eat
We go to the sacred home
The home if “nkro”