Under the wide shade of the ageless baobab
Around the log-fires
Amid the chants and shouts of the children
When the sun has cast down it majestic rays
And the birds had retired to their nests
When the moon is out to lit the earth with burgeoning excitement
And the fireflies display their prowess in high spirits
When the elders sit back in their armchairs
Gazing the beauties of the sky
And meditating on the transcendence of nature
Then,voices are heard
Voices deep enough
To vibrate the atmosphere

Goes the prelude of a symphony
Incessantly the crickets sing
Singing so high and ecstatically
To praise the night
For the its charming breezes
Echoing through the woods
All through the woods
Are the seducing choruses of the crickets
Penetrating deep into the night
Are their melodious chants
Chants that can woo the twigs of the trees

Goes the melodies
Striking at the hearts of woods
Melodies so tantalizing
To lure the sleepless brat into deep slumber
O how i’m in love with your enchanting choruses
Choruses evoking imagery of recitation
Recitation so strong
To drag the reluctant soul into nature’s cleavage

O ye wonderful creatures!
How i wish to partake in your merrymaking
Your shrill voices piercing the heart of the air
You charm the night with your mellifluous voices
Your shrills,chants and recitations
All representing the eternal beauty of poetry.

The Haymaker ©2014

This poem is dedicated to my dear friend Eunice Oppong Hillary.