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Newly wed wife’s confession causes groom to commit suicide two days after their wedding.

Written by The Haymaker

Great sadness struck the home of newly wed couple in South Sudan after the most unlikely occurrence happened after their wedding.

The bridegroom David Jiet, has had his family mourning gravely after he committed suicide just two days after exchanging vows with his long time fiancee in front of the alter, on Saturday 10th, Aug, 2019. 

According to Ethiopian blogger Zenthblog,  David Jiet Chawulik could not handle the news after after his newly wedded wife confessed that she was pregnant for another man hence, taking his own life.

Mr. David Jiet from Agaar community of Rumbek and Rebecca Ekuen from Yirol both of South Sudan got married on Saturday 10th August, 2019 at the Freedom Hall in Juba. Devastated by the news, the groom killed himself after she had gone out to get some food stuffs  at the market. Alarmed by the lifeless state of her husband when she returned, she phoned a family friend to come, after which they later confirmed him truly dead. 

Speaking to journalists who visited the scene, the family of David Jiet  describes the incident  as “unfortunate and untimely” .  Official reports are yet to come to ascertain the real cause of death.  Stay tuned for more as our team follows the matter.


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