New Definition For Creative Arts Gets Theater Arts Relegated To The Background.

Written by The Haymaker

Theater arts has really enjoyed some great moments in the past years, where patrons were thrilled with several kinds of plays. Auditoriums and halls were always filled when a new play is to be staged. It has done its bit of putting Ghana on the world map with many individuals being celebrated worldwide for their maximum contribution to the making of theater arts in Ghana and the world at large.
However, it looks like those days are far gone, either the impact of theater arts on the nation’s tourism has been forgotten or maybe the theater arts fraternity failed to grow itself as time evolved. Whichever the case maybe, it is always important as a nation to hold on to its treasure but that is not the case.

After several observations done it has been realized that the nation in its bid to move along with the tide of modernity has redefined its once treasured gem, Creative Arts. Creative Arts as we know it to be includes everything music, performing arts (theater, movie) poetry, painting, culture etc however, the emphasis is being placed on only movie and music industries. Governments over the years have included in their budget some support for the creative arts industry only to see it furnished on the music and movie sectors and we all know how that has pan out so far.

When we have had Tourism, Arts and Culture ministers making reference to the creative arts industry with much reference to movie and music industries, I do not believe that theater is getting the needed support it needs.
Just over a year ago, the Ghana Tourism Association in its bid to ensure that Ghana is celebrated worldwide appointed over 30 ambassadors who are supposed to promote the agenda “See Ghana, Eat Ghana, Wear Ghana, Feel Ghana in as much as the movie and music branches can boast of many reps, it’s unfortunate to know that none of them came from the angle of theater.

A couple of weeks back, business guru Gabby Otchere Darkoh stated on social media that most of our movies do not have good story lines and do not represent us very well unlike other movie industries in other countries. My question then is that, if we have the foundation (Theater Arts) being treated as only an academic discipline in schools rather than an avenue to use to build a better foundation for the movie industry then what should we expect?

To everybody who is doing their every bit for theater arts, good job to you, I wish your efforts will be much recognized and appreciated by Mother Ghana. Creative Arts is not just Music and Movie there is much more to it that needs to be accorded similar respect.

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  • I think theatre arts were mostly patronized in Ghana than recently because during those eras, our understanding for movies were subjected to theatre plays and so the trend grew from theatre art to movie shooting which saw the likes of Bob Santo, Abusapanyin Judas, agya koo and the likes emanating from stage actors to movie actors. Once we got hold of the cantatas, obra, abawa mary and the likes, we relegated theatre art as the basis for our visual recreation and so our appetite grew to seeing movies and drama. it’s about time we were taught that theatre art is also a different form of performance aside movies which could showcase the dichotomy of the two and once we are educated to understand the two, our interest will grow for both and therefore not see theatre art as a basic tool or something that belongs to the past. In this case we will include theatre arts naturally to creative arts industry without a second thought of it because our interest in it makes it automatically imbibed in creative arts.
    We still enjoy theatre arts but we see it as a platform for starters of movie actors to rehearse or learn movie roles.

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