From the rise of the sun;
Our backs faced the heat
Having our share of the earth,
As we plough in, our sweat
With the first spring of water
Mother Earth knew us
From her breast we were fed wisdom
As we dined in her sacred kitchen.

Like the parrot we display our heights
Rising within those who threaten
For we flourish in our holes
Carrying the pillars humanity
We seem as ants in the elephant’s march
For they bolt with our glory
Though they call us painted.

Hard as this war may be
We ride on the Euphrates
As the mystery of Giza leads us
Cleansed are we in the Nile
For immunity against treachery
Ages sought our fall,
But the dawns see as rise.
Marvel are they, but fear shuts them up.
For the blood of the negro hails from the Most High.

Haymaker ©2015