‘My fiancée wants to get a tattoo of her ex’s name as a way to honor his death.

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In all of his years, this man could never have predicted to be met with this most unlikely message by his fiancee.

He explained that both his fiancee and her ex used to be part of the same friendship group and had remained friends even after breaking up. However he didn’t know her pals well because he met her through work.

He continued that, last month when the said ex-boyfriend passed away, she was hit hard by the news.

After the death of her ex, she was having a hard time coping, as he said: “She took a few days away from me after she heard the news because she couldn’t stop crying and said she wanted time alone to process what happened and sort out her emotions that were in a mess.”

So she went to stay with her sister.

“She’d talk to me every night and say she’d be coming home soon. I didn’t rush her or anything, instead I’d ask if she needed something,” the man said. 

“She came home three weeks later and seemed calmer than before. She’d stay in touch with other mutual friends who knew her ex and they’d plan to do things to honour him.”

But when she told him what she’d planned in memory of him, he couldn’t believe it.

“She was talking to me and told me that she was planning on getting a tattoo on her wrist with his first name. On her left wrist.

“I was taken aback. I asked her where she came up with this idea and why she decided without telling me. She lashed out at me for saying that it felt weird to me.

“She went on about me not losing a loved one and experiencing this kind of pain. Therefore I wouldn’t understand how important it is for her,” he claims.

He says the conversation soon turned into a full-blown argument. 

“I told her that I’d be postponing the wedding (which was supposed to be in January) until she reconsiders her decision of getting a tattoo.”

She didn’t take that well and went back to her sister’s house.

The stunned man sort to Reddit to ask users whether he was overreacting for telling his fiancée that he would be postponing the wedding if she decided to go through with the tattoo.

User One: “Don’t marry this person.”

User Two: “‘Don’t get another man’s name tattooed on you while we are together’ is an incredibly reasonable boundary.

If she wants it permanently on her body badly enough, she can do that, but she has to realize how damaging that will be to her current engagement.”

User Three: “I feel bad for her, but she wants you to be reminded of her ex every time you see her? For the rest of your life? No,” .

User Four: “The only thing I disagree with is that I don’t know if we have enough info to say if he’s a threat.

“He could be or he could not be. How long have they been broken up? Why did they break up? Were they one of those pairs of friends who tried dating for a month many years ago and realized that it was a monumentally stupid idea?

“Did either of them have any feelings for one another still? It’s probably impossible for the original poster to tell us though since he doesn’t know his fiancée’s friends.”

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